Why Project Documentation is important


Project documentation has always been a key component in HERNIS CCTV system deliveries. The customer receives complete technical documentation of the CCTV solution that was designed specifically for his purpose. The technical documentation describes the solution and equipment delivered down to detail.

Project Manager Erlend Eidem points out some benefits of high quality project documentation; Detailed technical documentation is a key ingredient in our quality performance and is mutually beneficial for us and our customers. At all stages of a CCTV project different documentation is required as part of our work process to make sure the scope and expectations are shared by all parties involved. The documentation is a quality assurance for everybody both during and after delivery of the CCTV solution.

HERNIS final documentation packages include system description, installation, operation and maintenance procedures, drawings, data sheets and certificates enabling customers to utilize the product to it's full potential. Our customers enjoy a high level of self-support with all the necessary information at hand in the format they prefer and with 24/7 accessibility. With time passing the documentation package becomes an important common historical reference that helps ensure the success of future projects. The customer can easily reference the manuals from HERNIS for exact details on the system they have on site, enhancing communication if there is a need for expansion or maintenance.

Lise Thomassen, Document Control Supervisor, has been with HERNIS for 16 years and has seen the focus on documentation increase to meet modern quality and efficiency requirements. Customers now more often require that the documentation is delivered to their own communications standard and our team of 5 CAD operators and 5 expert document controllers know their way around documentation standards, templates and best practises to the customers? satisfaction. The documentation was traditionally delivered as hard copies, but over the past couple of years electronic distribution has taken over almost completely. This complies perfectly with our environmental objective aiming at a considerable reduction in paper consumption so this must truly be one of those win-win situations, Lise explains.

HERNIS offer 5 documentation packages tending to different customer requirements. The packages vary in scale and degree of customization. HERNIS supply the documentation package best fit to the customer's spesifications.


Morken, Pernille, HERNIS Scan Systems AS.


Project Manager Erlend Eidem emphasizes the importance of project documentation

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