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HERNIS leads by example in Russia


HERNIS Area Sales Manager for the Russian Market together with Secretary of State Mr. Per Rune Henriksen


The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is impressed with HERNIS' enormous success in Russia and uses the HERNIS success story to attrackt Norwegian suppliers to the Russian market.

It was at the 11th Intsok Russian-Norwegian Oil & Gas conference in St.Petersburg on the 30th of January this year that the Norwegian parliamentary secretary Mr. Per Rune Henriksen in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy accentuated HERNIS as leading by example in the Russian market. "HERNIS" he says "is one of the Norwegian suppliers who have succeeded remarkably in the Russian market. During the recession in 2009 Russia was a key market for the Arendal based company that has delivered surveillance equipment for the extremely harsh polar climate for well over 100 million NOK".

Mr. Henriksen who opened the conference together with his Russian colleague Mr. Denis G. Khramov, is pleased with the growing internationalization in Norwegian oil & gas related businesses. The solutions and technology developed for the North sea have great international potential and the Norwegian businesses are getting more competitive every day.

HERNIS' Area Sales Manager for the Russian Market Mr. Gaute Morland was present at the conference and was very proud of the recognition that HERNIS received by the Ministry.


Morken, Pernille, HERNIS Scan Systems AS.

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