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Hoegh increases safety of 4 new FSRUs with HERNIS Radar Tracking CCTV


Hoegh has chosen to enhance the security on 4 FSRUs by integrating HERNIS Radar Tracking CCTV in their overall surveillance and security system. The Radar Tracking solution is a small reliable solution developed to protect the facility and force by providing around-the-clock images of up to 10 radar targets in a 360 degree radius.

HERNIS Radar Tracking solution is compatible with all radar systems following the NMEA 0183 protocol which is the prevailing standard for communication between marine electronic devices such as echo sounder, sonars, anemometer, gyrocompass, autopilot, GPS receivers and many other types of instruments. The radar sends signals to the camera which tracks the object(s) selected. Hoegh has chosen the EX285 dual ptz camera station that offers both thermal and ccd images to secure clear imagery also in darkness, smoke or foggy conditions.

Edgar Huseby, Senior Purchaser at Hoegh LNG is focused on safety. "The increase in security incidents and the changing threat picture in the shipping industry require new measures that can reduce impact. Radar Tracking CCTV is one measure that can help us stay safe. Some of the new Floating Storage and Regasification Units will operate in waters where the risk of piracy and maritime terrorism is a concern. The video images of the radar targets provided by the CCTV system is an important part of/supplement to our security system. The HERNIS radar tracking solution provides early warning in potentially threatening situations mitigating risk for people and property."

Hoegh has a leading position in the global maritime transportation sector and HERNIS have supplied solutions to their fleet for many years. The Radar Tracking solution is delivered as an integrated part of the complete HERNIS 500 system designed to meet the security and process surveillance requirements on the FSRUs under construction.

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Morken, Pernille, HERNIS Scan Systems AS.


HERNIS has supplied CCTV solutions to Hoegh vessels for many years, among them the Shuttle and Regasification vessel Cape Ann shown here. [Photo courtesy of Hoegh LNG]

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