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Commissioning going well on the Kearl oil sands project


The last couple of weeks the HERNIS service team have been working side by side with the Kentz Canada & Imperial Oil's Integrated Systems completions team at the Kearl oil sands project in Canada to start up the HERNIS CCTV system installed on the site. At the same time representatives from Kentz Canada are visiting HERNIS for a Factory Acceptance Test for the Kearl expansion project of the CCTV system.

Mr. David Touhey, System Design Lead and Mr. Wai Woo, Project Technical Lead from Kentz Canada is visiting the factory in Norway to test the new module that is due for delivery in April 2013. A total of 9 new sub racks and 40 more camera stations is added to the system in this turn and the Factory Acceptance Test is an effective review of the system and its components before it is shipped off to the site. The system is set up and working in a test environment enabling a realistic review of the functionality and configuration. Any issues are sorted out and final configuration agreed on so that when the system arrives on site it is set up to work to the customers preferences and commissioning is reduced to the very minimum. The FAT is the perfect arena to ensure that the engineering intent and the clients expectations are met and exceeded.

The representatives of the engineering team Kentz Canada where very impressed with the HERNIS operation in Arendal. Mr David Touhey commented ?"Having viewed and witnessed at first hand the HERNIS manufacturing facility here in Arendal during the factory acceptance test , I am not surprised to see at first hand that the great quality of the finished HERNIS product is represented in full with the teamwork and workmanship that takes place here in HERNIS facility in Arendal. I would like to thank all of the HERNIS project team based in Arendal for the quality of the system being delivered to the project and look forward to continuing the relationship between Kentz and HERNIS now and into the future."

Mr. Craig McAteer who is leading the Telecoms construction team at the Kearl Oil Sands Project commends the HERNIS engineers working at Kearl Oil Sands in an email to the project manager: "We appreciate the dedication, commitment, patience and work attitude that the HERNIS engineers working at Kearl Oil Sands have shown since they initially came to the project. Their alignment with our safety ethics, their professionalism and dedication to doing the task in hand correctly the first time as well as their ability to pass on knowledge to others has made the CCTV installation painless from a owner/vendor perspective. They are keen to get the installation working successfully and will aid when and wherever they can to progress it towards completion. They are an excellent walking advert for HERNIS."

The CCTV solution for Kearl consists of CSA approved equipment only. HERNIS CCTV solutions meet the requirements of the harsh oil sand environment with temperature ranges from 40?? to -50?.

The Kearl oil sands project, jointly owned between operator Imperial Oil and ExxonMobil Canada, will be one of Canada's largest open-pit mining operations with regulatory approval for up to 345,000 barrels a day of production, and a project lifespan of over 40 years. The project has a strong focus on safety, environment and execution excellence and aims to maximize efficiencies and decrease environmental impacts by incorporating ongoing improvements over the life of the project.

HERNIS is proud to be the chosen supplier of the process and area surveillance solution for the Kearl oil sands project. The encouraging feedback from our business partners boosts our confidence that we live up to the standard of Execution Excellence that characterizes the Kearl Oil Sands project.


Morken, Pernille, HERNIS Scan Systems AS.


Mr. Wai Woo, Project Technical Lead, Kentz Canada, Mr. Ole Morten Solheim, HERNIS Project Manager and Mr. David Touhey, System Design Lead, Kentz Canada

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